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Buffalo NY has a sophisticated system of government. Branches of government in the downtown Buffalo NY area include city, state, county and federal. New comers as well as existing Buffalonians who wish to learn the ins and outs of the system have come to the right place. CyberBuffalo  municipal listings display useful information such as how to navigate to particular buildings, the parking situation, administration and history. In addition, users will find all of the contact information available and links to further information if needed.

What? Where? How?

One doesn’t immediately realize knowing an address and what has to be done there, is all that needs to be known. It’s simply not enough information. Other times its possible to ‘not know’ which building to go to because of conflicting information. The CyberBuffalo website has you covered when it comes to intimate details about each location and what can be done there. This can help in getting a better grasp of the situation which can lead to a less stressful experience. CyberBuffalo can help make a difference when you’re out and about or contemplating your next local adventure.


Most Buffalo related business happens at Buffalo City Hall.  Buffalo city hall is a 398 foot high behemoth of a building. It is still the largest city hall anywhere in the United states. They just built bigger at the beginning of the 19th century here in Buffalo. There are at least 7 different court buildings in downtown Buffalo such as Buffalo Immigration Court, Buffalo small claims, housing, Buffalo Family Court, criminal courts. Buffalo workers compensation court and including but not limited to just about every other kind of court imaginable.  There are at least 4 DMV’s (Department of motor vehicles) in and around the Buffalo NY area. Have questions? Use this link for answers.
Buffalo NY Government
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