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Workers Compensation Information Buffalo NY

NYS Workers compensation court is a New York state Judiciary Court. Workers compensation in Buffalo NY Buffalo NY, is in what is called the 8th judicial district. All workers compensation cases are heard at the Ellicott Square building in downtown Buffalo NY. When injured at work and unable to perform work tasks because of an injury, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. These benefits can be in the form of Medical treatments or indemnity payments or both. The process starts with the injured worker notifying their supervisor that an injury has occurred and getting immediate medical attention or vice versa in case of a medical emergency.

Receiving Workers Compensation benefits in NYS

In addition to the above workers compensation information, an injured worker will receive a WCB number. This number is issued by the workers compensation board by US mail. This is a unique number that identifies the injured worker. This number is required by medical care providers for past medical visits and continuing treatment if necessary. Always carry this number as it is the only proof that you are covered under workers compensation benefits.

Workers Compensation Indemnity Payments Information

In addition to workers compensation medical treatment, injured workers may be entitled to receive indemnity payments. These payments take the place of a normal pay check from working. They are typically 80% of a normal gross paycheck. This pay is tax free thus the 20% decrease. These payments will continue until the injured worker has reached a certain point in treatment.

NYS Workers Compensation Buffalo NY and Permanent Disability

Once an injured worker has went through all treatments that are medically necessary, Maximum medical improvement (MMI) is established. This is when an injured worker is presumed to be at his/her maximum improvement. This means the injured worker is unlikely to be any better off health wise from the work injury.

Workers Comp & Employers Insurance Carrier Information

In a NYS workers compensation case, the employer's insurance carrier is the one who pays for all the medical treatment and indemnity payments. They will be closely involved in the injured workers compensation case. They will send an injured worker to one or multiple independant medical exams (IME's). These are pretty much second opinion doctors hired by the insurance carrier. The results of these exams will either confirm, deny or somewhat be inline with any medical claims made by the injured worker or the injured workers doctors. These doctors have no affiliation with the insurance carrier other than providing a medical service and are supposed to be non-biased (neither for or against the injured workers claims).


Workers Compensation Medical Doctors and Treatment Centers for Injured Workers in Buffalo NY.


NYS Workers compensation law states that an injured worker has the right to see any doctor that accepts workers compensation claims. It is in the best interest of the injured worker to seek an experienced Buffalo workers compensation attorney. A good Buffalo workers comp attorney will protect the injured workers rights and provide important information as it relates to your case. An experienced Buffalo workers comp attorney will not charge a dime for their services until the case has ended. In which case the Workers comp attorney receives a percentage of any awards.

Workers Comp Court at the Ellicott Square Building Parking Information

Pay Lot - Washington and Swan Streets

Daily Rates
$3 – 0-30 minutes
$6 – 31-60 minutes
$10 – 60+ minutes (Daily Max)
$5 – after 3 p.m. (Except Events)
Event Rate may vary
Weekdays: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Ellicott Square Building
295 Main Street, Suite 400
Buffalo, NY 14203
Main Number
(877) 632-4996
(716) 842-2171

Amenities include: Charlie the Butcher’s Express, Run City at Ellicott Square Fitness, Ellicott Square Trading Company convenience store, Finishing Touches by Caitlin Krumm, The Grove, Rosalie the Healthy Chef, Griddle and Greens All located on first floor

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