Buffalo Immigration Court

Each year there is a backlog of immigration cases. Currently there are approximately 300,000 cases backed up and waiting for trial in the United States.  The Immigration court is located in downtown Buffalo

Buffalo Immigration Court Information

Buffalo Immigration Court can grant foreign nationals legal status in the United States. On the other hand, Buffalo Immigration Court can order foreign nationals who have committed an immigration crime in the U.S.A. be deported and sent back to their country. This court also hears appeals from foreign nationals seeking asylum.

The US Immigration Court System

The information and rules apply to all US Immigration courts country wide. Not just Buffalo NY.


Please seek an experienced immigration attorney. There is too much at risk to go it alone. Above all else, do not miss an immigration hearing date. Yes, missing an immigration court hearing is a big no no. The judge must and will rule for an order of deportation. This is a fact. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can immediately deport anyone at any time, the deported person will have no right or opportunity to see another immigration judge. It is possible to file a motion to help out in this situation. But rarely will a judge grant this unless the defendant could not make it to the hearing due to a documented medical emergency or the government mailed the 'notice to appear' to the wrong address. Even under these circumstances a judge may deny a motion to be granted. There are just 90 days to file a motion. Remember, finding a good Buffalo immigration attorney is a key factor here.

Hire a Buffalo Immigration Attorney Only

The immigration court system is politically biased. This is sad but true. Unfortunately, immigration proceedings look a lot like criminal trials. Immigrants are often brought in handcuffed. Only about 37 out of every
100 immigrants have an immigration attorney. It's not enough to have just a local attorney. An immigrant needs an immigration attorney. This is an attorney who specializes in immigration law. Please fill out the contact form for a recommendation on a Buffalo immigration attorney.

Appealing an Immigrant Deportation Decision

Immigrants may appeal an immigration judge’s deportation decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals. This appeals court is located at the Department of Justice agency in the state of Virginia. Only 10 out of every 100 immigrants choose to file an appeal. An immigration attorney can help with this too. The United States attorney general decides which cases will be eligible for appeal and may remove members of the board of appeals at anytime.

US District Federal Court of Appeals

A motion to appeal can also be filed at the federal court level. Although only about 2 out of every 100 immigrants choose to do this, it is an option. This method of appeal can be expensive. Nationwide, just 8 out of every 100 motions are granted. ("granted" means that the federal court will hear the immigration case) This will allow the immigrant to stay in the USA longer. On the other hand it may just send the case back to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Virginia to correct an error.


For some, the victory may come too late. Though immigrants cannot be deported while their case makes its way through immigration court, that protection ends once their appeal reaches the federal level. 50 out if every 100 immigrants who ultimately prevail in the federal appellate US District court risk being deported while the appeal is pending. The federal appellate court for Buffalo NY is located in New York City. It is the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse, second circuit court.

IMMIGRATION COURT: Open to General Public


Immigration Judges:

Mary C. Baumgarten
Steven Connelly
Denise Hochul
Walter H. Ruehle

Court Administrator:
Stephanie L. Kerr

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