Why is it called Devil's Hole?

1.) It's a place that was heavily gaurded and many have been killed there.

2.) The hole is a cave.

Devil's Hole Cave Hiking Trail Niagara Falls NY

This New York State park overlooks the lower Niagara River Gorge and Devil's Hole rapids not far from Niagara Falls. There are 2 free parking lots one on either side of the Robert Moses Parkway. The park is open all year round. Up to 2 Dogs are allowed with leashes(6ft). Absolutely No Swimming. Entering the water is an early death sentence. The water is calm looking at certain points but with strong under-currents that will pull a person into the rapids.

Devil's Hole Cave a Real Story of Legend

The story of legend has it that this was an American Indian stronghold for the Indian Neuter Nation. The Neuter Indians guarded this area with their lives. They were overthrown by one of the haudenosaunee.  (the Seneca Nation Indians) in 1651. The name Devil's Hole Cave area was named because of the amount of death that has occurred here. It's almost unimaginable that these tragedies happened here. The area is beautiful and serene with many geological treasures uncovering themselves as one walks through this massive landscape. The rocks found here are at over 430,000,000 years old.

Devil's Hole Cave History

One incidence of a bloody massacre happened at Devil's Hole when a wagon train full of supplies and escorts were ambushed. Their bodies and belongings were thrown down into the gorge where a creek once flowed. Another was a war that happened between unrelated Indian nations. There are Indian spirits whisking through the air. The council of the rock was a Seneca Indian tradition.


There once stood 2 rocks that mimicked Indian arrow heads along the Devil's Hole Cave Hiking Trail. The one near the top of the stone stairs was said to have the power to ward off evil for one year. The stone is no longer there. The other stone was at the head of Devil's Hole. (the cave that this area is named after) it is also either missing or unrecognizable. In fact nothing here seems to stay the same. There are rock slides, erosion and other climatic events that contribute to an ever changing environment. For instance the approximate 300 stone stairs are only 100 years old and they needed to undergo a massive re-construct just a few years ago. (2017ish). More things change than stay the same.

Hiking Devil's Hole State Park

Young people come here in the evening and light bonfires and party all night. I'm not too sure how legal this is but I don't think the police like to trek all those stairs to get somebody for open container or a violation of state park hours. I could be wrong so don't quote me. If I was a cop I would just give out tickets for littering. Some of these partiers are party poopers. They throw their trash everywhere, even inside the cave. No worry though, the Indian spirits will get them and volunteers periodically do a clean-up.


There is more to see than just getting to the bottom of the stairs. In fact you can say that the visual candy is just beginning to sweeten. Once at the bottom, there's an area that resembles a small beach and the water whips by a little further ahead. This area is generally favored by the partiers. If we are hiking the Devil's Hole Trail and not partying, this is where the hike starts to get moving. Devil's Hole hiking trail is a moderate level 2.5 hour hike round trip. A very condensed description of the hike is; Travel down the Devil's Hole State Park staircase to the hiking trail. Then hike the trail and proceed up the Whirlpool stairs. At the top is the whirlpool parking lot. Walk to the Devil's Hole Parking lot to the car.


Jet Boat Ride Through The Rapids? <---



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