Free Website Link Buffalo


A Free AD for Buffalo area vendors, shops and restaurants.


Free website link Buffalo

Get a powerful  link to your existing website to help it rank better in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).

Buffalo area shop owners who wish to sell online, can move right into the CyberCity Buffalo Shopping Mall’ “rent free” pay just a 2% transaction fee for every sale made through a CyberCity store to cover costs. Other than that there is no charge.

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Sold By Cyber City of Buffalo | Where To Go in Buffalo


Free Website Link Buffalo NY

Now is that time to get a free website link. (Buffalo NY related only)

CyberCity Buffalo was created by  Buffalonian’s for Buffalonian’s

  • One Business submission
  • 365 days expiration – Renewable
  • Create events [optional and will disappear after event date – renewable]
  • Free link to your existing website [optional but recommended]
  • Sell products through CyberCity Buffalo Account [included and optional]
  • Create Coupons [recommended]

I’ve been in the online business now since 1999. And now with the new name “CyberCity Buffalo” and living here since 1968 and loving every minute of it for the most part. I have decided to help the business men and woman of Buffalo succeed with their online endeavors at a extremely low to no cost price point. Because if they succeed, we all succeed. Lets face it, Buffalo NY is a great city and we all want to help keep it that way.  Lets Go Buffalo!

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