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  Shopping Buffalo NY

Welcome to CyberCity of Buffalo online stores. Shopping Buffalo NY | “Where to shop Buffalo online“. This is where brick and mortar shops, boutiques and wholesalers can sell goods and services online.  Especially important, is that each CyberCity store provides a professional view of vendor products and maximizes a user-friendly shopping experience.


As we all know, Buffalo is a great city and more and more people are coming here from all over the country and the rest of the world. CyberCity of Buffalo welcomes Businesses to register for a Vendor product store so that they can offer their products to customers across the United States. As Buffalo grows CyberCity hopes to help take care of the demand for a more competitive marketplace here in Buffalo.


  Shopping Securely

CyberCity of Buffalo verifies all store vendors for authenticity. Once a vendor submits an application to become a vendor, CyberCity will verify DBA, Corporation and/or other identity information. Vendors are monitored for best selling practices and helps in our ongoing commitment to providing a safe shopping experience.


CyberCity of Buffalo stores are 100% safe and Secure. We use a SSL security certificate that carries a $10,000 warranty to protect customer purchases. Security is paramount. All transactions processed through CyberCity of Buffalo are protected using the highest strength encryption available. We take security seriously. For questions, please use this form.