Ellicott Square Building

Office Space Downtown Buffalo NY

The building was named after Joseph Ellicott, the planner and surveyor who laid out the Village of Buffalo before the war of 1812.

When talking about Buffalo NY history, one cannot pass up the opportunity to mention the Ellicott Square Building in downtown Buffalo NY. When the Ellicott Square Building was built in 1896 it was the only building that took up 4 square city blocks. Does the word square come to mind? This was the reason it was named "square building". If this wasn't enough, the Ellicott Square Building is registered on the National Registry of historic places as well. Not just because it takes up a whole square block of land but because the building is rich in archetecture and history. It was the largest office building in the world at one time. It housed the world's first motion picture theater dedicated solely for movies. Today it offers up office space for important entities such as Workers Compensation offices and hearings, hosted a DMV location in the past.


The Ellicott Square building was built in the Italian Renaissance style designed by archetect Daniel Burnham. The exterior is made of granite, iron, and terra cotta with veneer of pearl-gray brick.


The interior concourse has a marble mosaic floor designed by Winthrop & Johnson. 20 million pieces of marble were brought all the way from Italy to build the floor. The mosaic depicts the sun symbols from diversified cultures around the globe.

Office Space Ellicott Square Building

Office space in the Ellicott Square Building can be renovated to clients needs. Whole levels can be rented out or rented out by single office space.


Carl Paladino is the CEO of Ellicott Developement Company and is also the owner of the Ellicott Square Building.

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