Statler City

Rent the Statler building as a banquet hall in Downtown Buffalo or host a catered event. The Statler building is currently being refurbished as "Statler City" here in Buffalo.  Host a catered wedding at this beautiful historic Building. The rooms on the lower floors reopened in 2011 for event rentals. The upper floors are set to reopen later.

Statler Building Buffalo Recent History

In June 2006, British businessman Bashar Issa purchased the building. It was being converted into a mix of condominiums on the top 14 floors. When funding dried up and having went through bankruptcy court, the building went vacant up until there was a new owner. Local entrepreneur and Buffalo Chop House business owner and developer Mark Croce purchased the building with tax incentives from the City of Buffalo.

Statler Hotel Building Buffalo NY

The first Statler hotels were built in Buffalo, NY. At one time there were 15 Statler hotels across the nation. The only building left in Buffalo NY that is still in use is Statler City (former Statler Towers/Hotel). This building was built on the site of former President Millard Fillmore's previous residence. The building is the English Renaissance "Revival" style and was built in 1921 by New York architects George B. Post & Sons.

Ellsworth M. Statler

Ellsworth Milton Statler was born on Oct. 26, 1863 in Bridgeport, OH. Ellsworth got his first hotel job in West Virginia as a bellboy at the McLure House Hotel which is still running strong today. It is now the McLure Hotel. He became the Head Bellboy here at age 15. Ellsworth opened Statler's Restaurant in 1896. He had rented space in the lower level of the Ellicott Square Building here in Buffalo NY that seated up to 500 patrons. After many trials and avoiding bankruptcy court, the restaurant was finally a success. By the time the Pan-Am Expo hit in 1901, he had accumulated $60,000 in savings. His brother William J. Statler eventually moved from Wheeling West Virginia and took over operations. The restaurant closed in 1940. After many years of experience running his own businesses and being in positions of management, Ellsworth started the Statler Hotel chain.


The hotel chain expanded all across the country. The chain was well noted for their excellent customer service and special amenities. No other hotel provided this at the time.

A Room and a Bath for a Dollar and a Half

There were a total of 3 Statler Hotels in Buffalo NY. At age 37, Ellsworth built the first one, a temporary "Statler's Hotel", Made of wooden construction and accommodating 2,084 hotel rooms and central dining room for the 1901 Pan American Exposition. After the event, the temporary hotel was torn down. The first "permanent" Statler Hotel that Ellsworth built was also here in Downtown Buffalo, NY. It was at the corner of Washington and Swan Streets. Construction was completed in 1908 and opened up as the Hotel Buffalo. It initially had 300 rooms and 150 more were added. The Hotel Buffalo closed in 1967 and was then demolished in 1968.


The land remained vacant until Pilot Field (now Coca-Cola Field) was built on the site in 1988. Going back to 1921, a second Statler Hotel was built here at the site of President Fillmore's previous residence. This hotel was named The Statler Hotel. Ellsworth hired Louis Rorimer as the interior decorator (Louis also decorated the rest of the Statler Hotels). The chain continued to grow even after Ellsworth Statler’s death, locations were added in Washington D.C., Los Angeles CA, Hartford CT, and Dallas TX. Statler Hotels were purchased by Hilton Hotels in 1954. This was the largest Hotel purchase up to that point in history. After a long success, by 1948, the Buffalo Statler was gradually converted to offices. In 1984 the last hotel rooms were closed and the building was renamed the Statler Towers.

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