Buffalo Federal Court

Picture ID is required upon entering the building

Buffalo federal court proceedings moved from the old Michael J. Dillon federal courthouse building in 2011. That building has been re-purposed as the new Buffalo Police & Fire headquarters. The Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse is the new federal courthouse in Buffalo NY. It cost 137 million dollars to complete. The architecture firm who designed it was Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF). The western district Buffalo federal court building is a take on 21st century modern styling with historic concepts. When standing in front and looking out from the old court building (Court Street), one can see the new courthouse quite easily looking left. The building is dressed with inch and a half thick glass panels. See picture below. Every word of the United States Constitution is written on the lower level glass. Yes, this is not a cookie cutter type of wallpaper that repeats. While taking this picture (see below), the camera caught the reflection of Buffalo City Hall.

Federal Courthouse Facts

There are roughly 600 active US federal courthouses in the United States. There are approximately 20 in New York State alone. The appellate court (court of appeals) for Buffalo Federal Court is in New York City, in Manhattan (Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse, second circuit). Once a case has a ruling in Buffalo Federal Court, either party may file an appeal of the verdict to the New York City court of appeals. 98℅ of the time this will be the final word. The only time it can go further than a circuit appeals court (NYC court of appeals in this instance) is if it is a case involving one state against another. An example of this would be New York vs. Florida. Or a case involving high ranking officials such as ambassadors. This boils down to less than 2℅ of all cases ever going passed your district appeals court decision. If the case makes it passed the district federal court of appeals, the case will be heard by the United States Supreme Court.

Buffalo Federal Court Parking

There are several lots within walking distance.

The main parking lot is on the same side as the entrance is but across the street and behind
the building so to speak. (see Image) There is a pay lot located past and behind city hall too. Drive passed city hall to the next street. On the right side will be a driveway leading to the pay lot.



Deputy in Charge: Patrick J. Healy
Clerk Phone:(716) 551-1705
Clerks FAX: (716) 551-1705

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