NYS Supreme Court 1-6 + 9-26

Erie County Court & Erie County Clerk Buffalo NY

Surrogate Cases are heard here, property deed records are kept here as well.

The Old Erie County Court Building (92 Franklin Street) as it's normally referred to, is connected to the rear of the newer Erie county Court building (25 Delaware Avenue). As you can sort of see in this image:

There is another image in the gallery on this page that depicts the two buildings from above.

The Old County Hall building was designed by Architect Andrew J. Warner and constructed from 1872-1875. Warner also served as the supervising architect during construction of the H.H. Richardson Complex at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center in 1870. Old County Hall stood as the tallest building in Buffalo New York until the construction of the Electric Tower in 1912 and then again trumped by the new Buffalo NY city hall in 1931. The building’s architecture is in the Victorian Romanesque style. The clock tower originally held an observatory. The Old Erie County Court building is now in the National Register of Historic Places archive.


Grover Cleveland began his political career here, serving as Erie County Sheriff and ultimately ascending to the U.S. Presidency, where he became the only President to ever serve two non-consecutive terms in office. A public wake for assassinated President McKinley drew over 90,000 people to the site during the Pan-American exposition in 1901.  The main entry hall is the spot where president McKinley’s body laid. It is preserved inside the Hall. The entrance to the courtroom still has the big old iron gates that kept the public at bay while court proceedings of his assassin were in session. The courtroom where president McKinley's  assassin stood trial is on the second floor. (See picture) The surrogate clerks office is also on the second floor. Door to right when walking in.


Old Erie County Hall is now home to the offices of the Erie County legislature, Erie County Clerk as well as some county court offices. Some surrogate court cases are tried here as well as criminal and other civil cases. The newer court house at (25 Delaware Avenue, building taking up most of the picture above) is attached to the rear of the Old County Hall building. This newer section of old county Hall is where foreclosures cases are heard. Foreclosure sale transaction are processed here as well. Court rooms 1-6 (no part 7 in case someone tells you that, at least not now.) are in the old County Hall building. The courtrooms 9-26 are in the newer building. NYS Supreme courts 28-36 are at the Buffalo City Court building. You can pay your Erie county property tax bill across the street from The old County Hall building at the Rath Building (95 Franklin St.).

Erie County Clerk Parking

Erie county clerk and courts parking is available close by. (a 3 minute walk)

Tip: in addition to the parking pay lot behind city hall, there is a parking ramp right next to the family court building. It's possible to see the family court building standing in front of old Erie County Hall and looking diagonally to your left.


Erie County Surrogate Court Information:

2nd floor
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 845-2560
Fax: (716) 845-7565

Supreme Court Parts and Judges

Part 1 - 92 Franklin Street
(Old County Hall)
Hon. Paula L. Feroleto - Administrative Judge
Secretary: 716-845-9438
Daniel Marren - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9407
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5151

Part 2 - 3rd floor - 92 Franklin Street
(Old County Hall)
Hon. Catherine Nugent-Panepinto
Kristin McCracken - Secretary:
Kristen Wolf - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9427
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7587

Part 3 - 3rd floor - 92 Franklin Street
(Old County Hall)
Hon. James H. Dillon
Siobhan McMahon - Secretary:
Walter Pacer, Esq. - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9417
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5158

Part 4 - 3rd floor - 92 Franklin Street
(Old County Hall)
Hon. Mark A. Montour
Carrie Baggett Zellner - Secretary:
Mike Amodeo - Law Clerk:
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7589
Court Clerk: 716-845-9423

Part 5 - 3rd floor - 92 Franklin Street
(Old County Hall)
Hon. Frederick J. Marshall
Kathleen Walek - Secretary:
Amy Ziegler - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9422
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5164

Part 6 - 3rd floor - 92 Franklin Street
(Old County Hall)
Hon. Joseph R. Glownia
Francine Jamison - Secretary:
Peter Crotty, Esq. - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9418
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5161

Courts 9-26 are at the newer 25 Delaware building which is connected to Old County Hall

Part 9 - 1st floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Deborah A. Haendiges
Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV)
Patrice Violanti Castanza - Secretary:
Ann Boland - Law Clerk:
Colleen Gibbons - IDV Resource Coordinator:
IDV Liaison: 716-845-9331
Court Clerk: 716-845-2179
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5162

Part 11 - 1st floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. John L. Michalski
Patricia Hanavan - Secretary:
Michael McHale - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9419
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5166

Part 12 - 2nd Floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Dennis Ward
Expedited Matrimonials - 5th floor - 25 Delaware Avenue
Scheduling Desk:
Court Clerk:
Fax: 716-845-7519

Part 13 - 2nd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. M. William Boller
Susan Kuberka - Secretary:
Frederick Platek- Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9410
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5153

Part 14 - 2nd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Russell P. Buscaglia
Cheryl Martin - Secretary:
Kelly Vacco, Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9408
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5155

Part 15 - 2nd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Mark Grisanti
Pamela Miles, Secretary:
Douglas J. Curella, Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9409
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7586

Part 16 - 2nd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Paul Wojtaszek
Beverly Maziarz, Secretary:
Jonathan Hickey, Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9412
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7591

Part 19 - 3rd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Christopher J. Burns, Supervising Judge, Criminal Cases
Mary Kay Walker - Secretary:
David Caywood - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9406
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5154

Part 20 - 3rd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Lynn W. Keane
Holly Park - Secretary:
Dennis Glascott, Esq. - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-2180
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7510

Part 21 - 3rd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. James A.W. McLeod - County Court Judge
Cyrstal Dillard - Secretary:
Alice Patterson, Esq. - Law Clerk:
Chambers Fax: 716-845-9416

Part 22 - 3rd floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Timothy J. Walker
Christine Paz - Secretary:
Darryl Colosi - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9415
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7505

Part 23 - 4th floor - Open Courtroom - 25 Delaware Ave.
Cynthia Selden - Secretary:
Debra Norton - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9402
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7592

Part 24 - 4th floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Emilio Colaiacovo
Amy Garcia - Secretary:
Jorge DeRosas - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9401
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5165

Part 25 - 4th floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. Mary Slisz
Patricia Benson - Secretary:
Amy Murphy, Esq. - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9424
Chambers Fax: 716-845-7508

Part 26 - 4th floor - 25 Delaware Ave.
Hon. John F. O'Donnell
Patricia Resetarits - Secretary:
Bridget O'Connell - Law Clerk:
Court Clerk: 716-845-9411
Melissa Nickson, Esq. - Court Attorney Referee - ADR Program:
Chambers Fax: 716-845-5168

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