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Welcome to CyberBuffalo eShops.

Have you ever wondered how to sell online or wondered how involved it was in getting an eCommerce website? Well its not going to be a mystery anymore.


Apply to become a CyberBuffalo vendor, then sign up for a  PayPal account. Once this is accomplished, start selling in a new store. If you have ever created a Facebook account, you can create a CyberCity online store. It was designed simply with  user-friendliness in mind. So simple in fact that grandma & gram-pa could start selling online right now.

CyberBuffalo was created to help business owners take their business to the next level by taking it online with little to no overhead involved. Vendors located in the Buffalo area get a store free of charge. Paypal charges a transaction fee. We automatically deduct this amount from each transaction so you don’t have to. We also take an additional 3% for overhead (are own expenses). There are no monthly fees or setup charge for Buffalo area vendors. (ex: on a sale of $100.00, vendor will receive 94% which in this case equals $94.00.¬† pays CyberBuffalo and PayPal the remaining $6.00) Out of town vendors located within the United States can also apply but the charge for this type of vendor is $15/mo. including a one-time $49. setup fee and 6% per transaction fee. If you would rather start your own website. Click here for a wonderful article about how to start and run an online store.

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