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    Thank you for contributing time to make CyberBuffalo a great guide for out of town’rs and natives alike. CyberBuffalo takes pride in developing easy to use technology and help users take advantage of it. CyberBuffalo attempts to educate people about the ins and outs of the city, places to discover and connect buyers with sellers and ultimately make it easier for people to uncover what Buffalo NY has to offer. For instance, help bring more people into the city of Buffalo for shopping, entertainment and general growth.  Let’s Go Buffalo.

    Times have changed

    My parents grew up in Buffalo in the late 20’s. That was an interesting time in American history. It was just after the first humans flew in the first aircraft’s and just a little after Ford started mass producing automobiles. I’ve heard the sad but true stories of the great depression and how it had affected people in Buffalo and beyond. People stood in long lines for little food. My grandfather used to sell office furniture in Downtown Buffalo. He had his hand in keeping money local in Buffalo.  My father and my aunt were real estate professionals. They bought and sold property throughout Buffalo and keeping some for themselves. They did this without cell phones and no internet. Now with websites like craigslist and CyberBuffalo its much easier to put advertising at the eyes of potential buyers. In fact its possible to advertise rentals and homes for sale right on this website.  Just choose the AD type, “Housing”.  It’s time to put new technology to good use and build a better Buffalo. Place your business on CyberBuffalo in less than 15min.
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