Family Court Daycare

The Children's Center is located on the 1st floor of Family Court. It's on the right side before metal detection when entering the building.(see picture) It provides safe and supervised daycare for the children whose care givers are in Family Court the day of. The service is free. Qualified staff provide a safe & secure environment. The daycare is for children six weeks through twelve years of age.

Daycare Hours
Morning 8:50am-12:50pm
Afternoon 1:50pm-4:50pm
Monday through Friday


Buffalo Family Court

Nobody ever wants to or thinks hey, I'll end up in family court someday. It can actually be an unpleasurable experience if you let it. It can be very emotional and stressful even on the best days. Nobody should ever have to go through this yet it happens everyday. It happens to doctors, teachers, preachers and even lawyers and judges. So odds are, it can happen to anybody.


About Family Court And Parking

Buffalo family court located in central Downtown Buffalo NY is where child support, child custody and child visitation cases are heard and ruled on. There is a parking ramp right next to this building.(see picture) It is a pay ramp so bring an extra $10 in case you'll be there all day. If parking near the Franklin street ramp exit, take the elevator down. Exit left then turn the corner. Now the doors to the family court entrance come into view. If you park near the pearl street ramp exit, you can take that elevator down and exit to your right. Then walk a block and turn right on Eagle street toward the court entrance. If the parking ramp is full, there are two other pay lots right behind the parking ramp.
In case needed, The Copy Store is across the street from these 2 parking lots. (See picture below)


Entering The Building

Upon entering the building there is a security check with armed security guards and metal detectors. The less jewelry and clothing with metal (ex.. belt buckles, bracelets, watches etc.) worn the quicker this experience will be. Once passed the metal detectors, proceed to one of the elevators. You do not need to go through the metal detectors on the way out. Proceed left of the metal detectors on the way out.


What to bring to Buffalo Family Court

1.) If a modification of support or visitation is required, go to the 4th floor modification room and sign in at the sign-in window and wait to be called. After you are called, you will meet with someone briefly. You will get paperwork. You will then have to run around the corner to the copy shop and make 7 copies of the paperwork you just got and bring all the copies back to the people that just gave you the paperwork at the modification office. (Metal detectors again) If your paperwork is 6 pages and 7 copies are needed and it costs .20 cents a copy, that's $12.60 you'll need. (See picture below of copystore)


2.) If you have a hearing scheduled, hearings are conducted on the 6th & 7th floor. Go to the floor and check in at the window indicated on your paperwork.


3.) A law guardian will be assigned to the case. This step is usually automatic. The law guardian is basically a lawyer for the child. The law guardian will recommend certain provisions to the court regarding the children involved in the case. for instance, whether or not supervised visits are warranted based on such things as length of time of last visit and how frequent. Sometimes this can seem like a parent is the bad guy. But really this is just the normal Buffalo family court system in play. You will meet with the law guardian at their office just once to give your side of the story. In most cases, the law guardian will again meet briefly with you and your attorney  (if you have one) on the 6th or 7th floor before a hearing begins.


In the Courtroom

While in the court room, take hats and coats off. Turn off your cell phone. If it rings the bailiff will stomp on it. Just joking ! But turn it off just in case. Only answer the judges/magistrates questions. Do not interrupt the judge or you'll be reprimanded by the bailiff. Try to fit a question in when answering the judge if you have one. Better yet have your lawyer communicate for you. Make sure to tell your lawyer what you want him/her to say. It's quite possible that little will happen at the first few hearings. So be prepared for a few more to be scheduled in the future.


Can I Get A Free Lawyer?

If you want a lawyer but can't afford one, the first court hearing will be to tell the judge that you want a free lawyer from the legal aid office to be assigned to the case. Once your hearing is over you'll get paperwork to bring to the legal aid office. The legal aid office will assign you a free lawyer :) (see below for contact info) If the situation is that you make to much money to be appointed a free lawyer yet you do not want to pay a lawyer, you can represent yourself. Here is a link to help you go about it.


Free Lawyer @Legal Aid Office
290 MAIN ST., SUITE 400
Phone: (716) 853-9555
MON-FR 8:30AM-4:30PM

Petition Processing
Phone: (716) 845-7420
Fax: (716) 845-7562

Record Room
Phone: (716) 845-7401
Fax: (716) 845-7562

Support Magistrates Office
Phone: (716) 845-7465
Fax: (716) 845-7551

Youth Part Intake Part 15 - 3rd floor
Phone: (716) 845-2735
Fax: (716) 371-4086

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  • Wednesday

    8:30 am - 5:00 pm

  • Thursday

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