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  Cyber City of Buffalo 

  Thank you for contributing your time to make Cyber city of Buffalo a great guide for out of town’rs and natives alike. Cyber city of Buffalo takes pride in developing easy to use technology to help our city of good neighbors embrace it and use it to their advantage. We are constantly looking for ways of bringing people into the city of Buffalo for shopping, entertainment and general growth.  Let’s Go Buffalo.

  A Brief History 

  My parents grew up in Buffalo in the late 20’s. That was an interesting time in American history. It was just after the first humans flew in the first aircraft’s and just a little after Ford started mass producing automobiles. I’ve heard the horror stories of the great depression and how it affected people in the Buffalo Area. People would have to stand in huge lines just to wait for a dinner roll. My grandfather used to sell used office furniture in Downtown Buffalo. He had his hand in keeping money local in Buffalo.  I never met him but I know he was a great man. My father bought properties throughout Buffalo as he and his sister were real estate professionals selling property for other people. My aunt was a broker here in the city of Buffalo. Nobody made it easy for them but they prevailed through the good times and the worst times. Now with technology on the move like never before. It’s time to put it to good use. Let’s Go Buffalo! 
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