City of Buffalo Property Tax Increase 2019 – 2020

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City of Buffalo Property Tax Increase

UPDATEThe tax increase in now in effect. Fortunately the increase was minimal and did not effect most residential homes. A slight increase for buildings with 4 or more units were effected.

Proposed Tax Increase

The proposed city of Buffalo property tax increase is starting the first half of 2020 (July 2019). Buffalo NY property tax is currently calculated based on assessed value. The new property tax calculation is based on the so called market valuation. Market value is what a home owner might get if they sell their home. For example, if your home’s market value is $10,000 and the current assessed value is $6,000 then on the new tax rate, you are paying tax on 10,000 assuming that is your homes new individual assessed value at 100% market value. But what if a home owner is not planning on selling it and has lived in their home for years?

A substantial tax increase would force home owners out of their homes. The question raised and the rebuttal-ed answer follows; Why shouldn’t the city be able to raise taxes, they haven’t been raised in 15 years? Sounds like a fair answer right? Actually it’s quite an un-thoughtful response to a very important matter. We shouldn’t be living in the stone age in regards to taxes. Very simply, people’s lives matter.

Are Taxes High Enough in Buffalo NY?

NYS already has the highest taxes. Buffalo NY is not the highest as it stands right now but it’s not exactly cheap. For instance, right now a typical 100,000 home in the city of Buffalo pays about $1300.00 in city property taxes each year. Conversely, In good areas around Nashville TN, a home owner of a $250,000 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home pays about $1800.00 a year. There are many many other US states and cities named as “top places to live” where the town or city property tax is LOW and the school system is rated B to A+. An answer like “why not raise the taxes they haven’t been raised lately? is just not well thought-out or fair to current home owners.

The city of Buffalo needs a plan for the future. This plan should not negatively effect people who have helped build the city. These are people that have lived here all their lives and just want to keep their home.

Does the City of Buffalo Really Need To Raise Property Tax?

The City of Buffalo does not need to raise the property taxes uniformly. It simply does not need the money. Up until recently the city of Buffalo never received traffic ticket money, now the City of Buffalo makes millions of dollars from plea bargaining traffic tickets to parking tickets. This money was going to the state then The city finally woke up and had legislation passed to allow for plea bargaining. The City of Buffalo has also tripled the garbage user fees recently. If a home owners water line breaks or is damaged between the city owned sidewalk and city owned street, the City of Buffalo says it’s the home owners responsibility. Insurance won’t cover this either. Anybody have an extra $5,000 to $10,000 in the bank to cover this? After all Buffalo ranks in on ‘the top ’25 most poorest population for a metro city in the nation.

It could be that the City of Buffalo is worried about Californians or others from buying up properties and inflating property value, There are other solutions. one of them should not be raising taxes blindly based on market value assessment which is basically unfair and not well thought-out.

Learn From History & Not Re-inventing the Wheel

A perfect example of applying a fair tax increase is the state of California’s Proposition 13. The proposition 13 grandfather’s existing home owners in to the property tax rate they have already been paying and the new property tax rates are only applied to new property purchases. This allows the home owner to stay in their home at an affordable tax rate while the cities collect a larger portion of tax from new home buyers. The cities eventually get what they want because when people die homes go up for sale.

Contact & voice your opinion to your local council member:

Rev. Darius G. Pridgen – Ellicott District – President

(716) 851–4980

Richard A. Fontana – Lovejoy District

(716) 851–5151

David Franczyk – Fillmore District

(716) 851–4138

Joseph Golombek, Jr. – North District

(716) 851–5116

Christopher P. Scanlon – South District

(716) 851–5169

Joel Feroleto – Delaware District

(716) 851–5155

David A. Rivera – Niagara District

(716) 851-5125

Rasheed Wyatt – University District

(716) 851–5165

Ulysees O. Wingo, Sr. – Masten Dist

(716) 851–5145


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Juanita Perez

I really cannot believe they are doing this 🙁


Corruption to the max !!!!!!! =%\*ards
Time to move


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see


According to some other articles, the tax increase isn’t supposed to be that bad although there were some top officials stating significant increases.

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